Why you should hire a freelance web designer for your next website project

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When starting on a new website design, one of the first decisions that you need to make is whether to hire a freelance web designer or a website designing company. The choices offered by the website development market are overwhelming and can make the decision a difficult one. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of hiring a freelance web designer and why it is a better option than hiring a website designing company for your project.

Reasons to hire a freelance web designer

There are several advantages of working with a web design freelancer in contrast to a designing firm. Let us illustrate some of them.


One of the biggest reasons to hire a freelance web designer over another agency is the cost involved. A freelance professional web designer is able to set his own rates rather than following any company policy. Therefore, the cost of the project becomes quite cheaper than when an agency is involved. In case you are starting your own business freelancers are more budget-friendly. This is also true if you are the owner of a small business looking to build your web presence on a small scale.

The cost can be further reduced by using an existing WordPress theme or a template rather than getting a customized website design built from scratch. This is because custom-built websites are often made on illustrator or photoshop leading to an increase in expenses and time of the project. If you have a new business, it would be a better and cost-effective option for you to start with a template for the basic site.


In addition to setting their own rates, freelance web designers also have the freedom of choosing their own schedule of work. This often has a positive impact on the project timeline. The work gets done faster due to the involvement of a single individual rather than an agency that may be managing several projects at one time.

Dedicated resources

A website development agency often handles several clients at any given time. This often results in them giving more importance to bigger projects while keeping the smaller projects from smaller companies on the back burner. A freelancer is a better option in this aspect. This is because they often tend to work on a single project or a handful number of projects of one go. This means they can dedicate all their resources to your project and attach equal importance to your project as you.

Direct communication chain

In most web development companies, there are account managers for passing any information regarding the requirements and changes to the developers. The developers then implement these changes and further communication is made to the account manager. This information is then given to you by the account managers. In contrast, you can contact the freelancers directly regarding any changes and requirements for your project. This direct communication chain helps in saving a lot of time in the long run.

Pay for the required expertise only

In the case of a website development agency, you may end up paying for several resources that may not be actually important for your concerned project. This additional expense can be avoided when hiring a freelance web designer where you only pay for the core expertise that is required for your project.


Freelancers are considered to be more innovative than website development companies that tend to follow a safer path. Though they adopt the cutting-edge latest technologies, freelancers are more receptive and innovative. This is because they are not tied to any sort of preconceived notions. They can easily step into your project and adopt the latest technological solutions that are apt for your project.

Experts in their specific field

A professional web designer tends to be more experienced and has more expertise in their field. This makes them the experts for the job. This means they are better able to complete your job without any further hiring requirements on your side.


Freelancers offer certain flexibility that is absent from an agency that works the regular working hours. They are quite flexible with work timings often extending to late nights and weekends when the finish is near. These flexible hours make them accessible at almost all times of the day. Thus, in case you have an emergency or your website has crashed on the weekend, they will be there for you. There is a good chance that they will resolve it better and quicker than an agency.

Well suited experience

When hiring a freelancer, you get to know exactly who is working on your project. You can choose an experienced web designer with the right skillset suitable for your project. This is hardly possible in the case of an agency where it is difficult for you to tell who is exactly working on the project. Even though you may be paying for the project experience but you hardly get to know whether your job is being worked upon by interns or a senior team of designers.

You are hiring them anyway

Though it may come as a big surprise to you, hiring an agency does not necessarily mean that they themselves would be doing the work. In many cases, freelancers get contacted by agencies for handling the overflow. In many cases, you get the work of a freelancer only but with the additional agency markup. Thus, it is better to cut the cost of additional middlemen right from the start.


In the end, it is better to first decide the website project goals in terms of the business strategy. In case you are looking for a simpler web presence, hiring an experienced freelancer may be a better option rather than an agency. After all, a website is the visual representation of your company on the World Wide Web and it would be best to get it right in the first time itself. If you are looking for a professional web designer for your website project, check out … to find out the right person who will take on each element of your project with ample expertise and experience.