What you should look for when choosing a freelance web designer?

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In today’s world most of the branding and marketing activities take place online. With the advent of mobile applications and social media, online presence is assuming even more importance. However, a website is still the prominent gateway for customers to understand a company. It is the first step of displaying the culture, values and customer orientation of a website.

Many small businesses don’t give enough attention to keeping an updated website. As a business owner, you should give high priority to website design and development. Don’t worry if financial constraints are becoming a hurdle. A freelance web designer can help in creating the best website for you. But choosing a professional web designer is not an easy task. Check out this article on how to choose a freelance web designer.

Website design

Website is the primary brand identity of any business. A well maintained website with an attractive landing page will surely help you in increasing customer traffic. It is to be noted that the details on your website is often used as a due diligence by prospective consumers. Additionally, details on various products/services, location and customer service options are also useful. This is very relevant for small business. With a very tight marketing budget, a proper website can save a lot of money for small business.

Designing a website is not an easy task. The services of a professional web designer would be helpful in this. Proper website design requires technical skills and visual creativity. The technical skills required for website design are the knowledge of,

  • HTML
  • CSS
  •  Word press

Apart from this, the person should be well versed in designing layouts and user interfaces. Every website needs to be very dynamic. This requires constant updates and proper hosting services. You need to have a long-term engagement with the website designer. At this point, it is very important for the website designer to have proper communication with you. This will help you in saving a lot of time and avoids micro-management.

Tips for choosing the best freelance web designer

Many organizations use the service of agencies for developing their website. But as a small business or startup, it would be a costly affair for you. As an alternative option, a freelance web designer can help you in developing an awesome website. This will reduce the cost and gives you more control over the content and design of the website.

There are a multiple freelance market places available online. But you should be very careful while selecting a freelance web designer. Let us understand the required qualities of great freelance web designer. This will help you to choose a freelance web designer properly. The major aspects to watch out while selecting a freelance web designer are,

1. Proper technical skills and experience

You are willing to spend money on a website creator for delivering a world-class website. To meet this expectation, make sure that the person has good experience. Knowledge of CSS, HTML, etc. is very crucial. Additionally, knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also very helpful. You can also verify if the person has domain knowledge in the area of your business operation. This is important as the website design for different business sectors also varies.

2. Cross-checking freelancer portfolio

Freelancers usually showcase their skills through previous work portfolios. You should directly ask them to submit some of their best works. You can also check their portfolios on sites such as Behance and Dribble. Ask as many questions as you can to make sure that the person has a very hands-on approach to web designing.

3. References from past client

Never hesitate to ask a freelance website designer for contacts of their past clients. That is one of the best ways to evaluate their work. More than the technical aspects it will give you an idea of the approach and attitude of the designer towards their work. Freelance website designers are not associated with a parent company or an agency. This can be a challenge for you while working on stricter timelines. A thorough background check with a previous client is helpful in determining the working style of a freelancer.

4. Reasonable pricing

Hiring a freelance website designer makes sense only when they can offer services at a cheaper rate compared to established organizations. You should take price quotes from various organizations before approaching a freelancer. This would be helpful in understanding the market rates.

5. Proper contract

A contract document is necessary for giving the work order. Make sure that the timelines and payments are reasonable. You can push for a milestone-based payment. It will prompt the freelancer to deliver your work on time. You should also ensure that the freelance web designer has all the necessary documents.

6: Accommodative work style

Freelancers would be taking up works from multiple clients. Unlike an established organization they might not be having additional manpower support for completing this work. This shouldn’t hamper the quality and timeline commitments of your website. Make sure to understand their work culture in detail. Do test their ability to visualize your ideas in the first meeting itself. Website development is collaborative work between you and your service provider. So make sure that your work style matches with them properly.

7: Website support and maintenance

Website development is not a one-time activity. Make sure that your website designer provides ongoing support and maintenance. This includes domain renewal, content update, etc. There is also a requirement to check for errors and ensures that all links, plugins, etc. work properly. Additionally, the designer should be able to help you with routine backups, etc. An experienced web designer can provide you this as a complete package. In the absence of this, you might end up paying a lot of money.

8. Additional offerings

While selecting a freelance website designer, always check out their additional offerings. This can include activities such as web traffic analytics, design upgrade, etc. These offerings are an indication of the professional approach of a freelancer.


As a small business owner, you should give prime importance to your company website. Along with social media, it is one of the strongest tools for building your brand. For that, you can take the services of a professional web designer. In case of a budget constraint, do explore the option of hiring a freelancer. In doing so make sure to read our recommendations for choosing the best web designer. Do contact me (  ) for more details and the best options for developing your dream website.